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@Itfs been 60 years since my first encounter with Jazz music. I used to be familiar with several kind of jazz records, between Be-Bop and Hard-Bop collections for about 30 years, but itfs become difficult for me to listen and keep the collections over 3,000 records. So unfortunately, I gave away most of my all collections but Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, and Charles Mingus. Furthermore, I liquidated both Bud Powell and Charles Mingus to complete my Charlie Parker Collection.
@One day, when I met Mr. S, the collector of Charles Mingus, I found that there are lots of Mingus recordings unexcavated or unissued. Charles encountered with Eric Dolphy in 1960, and then executed the European tour with him in 1964. This 64 tour has been almost revealed, with a little dubious, and the discography of this tour is mostly completed. But most of the recordings in Europe between 1970 and 1977 have been not discovered yet. Ifve completed the Charles Mingus Collection through researching online and/or trading with any collectors overseas. Ifve built my collection, crafting CD-Rs with cover. Ifm glad to introduce a part of them, taking care not to duplicate any recordings already issued.

April 09, 2023, Added unissued sound sources before 1970.

‘ Discographycal sources:

‡@ The Man Who Never Sleeps-THE CHARLES MINGUS DISCOGRAPHY 1945-1978 -
    - compiled and edited by H.L. Lindenmaier and Horst J. Salewski
‡A CHARLES MINGUS DISCOGRAPHY "Mingus no Ashiato" by Tetsu Ebihara 1996
‡B CHARLES MINGUS DISCOGRAPHY by Tetsu Ebihara 2016.4.1 Revised edition
‡C CHARLES MINGUS DISCOGRAPHY by Michel Ruppli Frankfurt 1987 Norbert Ruecker

Last update : April 09, 2023